Sunday, January 22, 2012

Deal With System Recovery?

While working on the computer it so happens that we unknowingly or accidentally do something that becomes counterproductive and then we look for ways to undo the action. Working on a Microsoft Word document or Excel spreadsheet is a simple affair that is done by a mere click of a button on your keyboard. But when you need to restore the entire computer it gets complicated and time-consuming as well. Well-trained and certified technicians from a computer support service are however the best to perform System Restore but with moderate knowledge about computers even you can do it.

In this article we have outlined facts and steps about system recovery if you have a laptop that needs a system restore.

How system recovery helps you?

System Recovery is an inbuilt tool offered by Microsoft with Windows to undo the changes that you have made to your system and thus restoring the system to the time when it was working perfectly. This tool helps you restore the system settings and configuration to the time when it was working without any flaws. In every Windows-based system the System Restore tool is kept ON by default so you do not require to do anything about it. When you perform actions like installing a new software or driver it gets recorded by this default tool as different system events. These system records, also known as Restore Points get saved with data and time at the time of creation. Later by using the System Restore you can reset the settings and configurations of your system to a particular restore point.

How to use system restore?

System restore is a utility tool offered with Windows-based systems and you require it when you are facing technical issues after the installation of new drivers for Windows. For using the system restore feature on your laptop you need to have the administrator rights.

Follow the below mentioned steps to restore Windows to any of the previous restore points:

• Click 'Start'
• Click 'All Programs'
• Click 'Accessories'
• Select 'System Restore'

You can also access System Restore by typing the following command in the 'Run' command box:

To restore the system you finally need to select 'Restore my computer to an earlier time' and then 'Next'.

At this point you are given options to choose a particular date to which you want your system to be restored. These dates that refer to restore points appear in bold so that you can select them easily.
You have to select one of them depending on the restore point where you want to restore the system.

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