Monday, January 16, 2012

Ways to Pass 70-632 and 74-137 Exam

You would have pretty often heard about people talking about Microsoft certifications. Idly you might have wondered what it would take to become one. So this is gong to answer some of your questions regarding the certification and the process you need to go through. In order to become Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist or MCTS. Here is a look at two of the most famous certifications offered by Microsoft, namely 70-632 and 74-137;

What does taking 70-632 means
Benefits to your career
Where and when you can take it
How to prepare for the actual test
What does taking 74-137 means
Why should you take it
70-632 (TS:Microsoft Office Project 2007. Managing Projects)

This exam code 70-632 is used for test to certify people for; TS: Microsoft Office Project 2007, Managing Projects. I guess name says it all; this is a certification that tests the ability of the candidate to manage project using Microsoft Office Project 2007.


In this age of competition it is very difficult to stay ahead of your competition. Microsoft certifications are designed to separate really good candidates from average and below average candidates. So obviously if you are a MCTS then it is going to be mentioned on your CV that you are a 70-632 MCTS which will immediately tell your employer or interviewer that he or she is talking to an above average person. This of course is going to help you in gaining your career aims.

Where and when you can take it

You can take 70-632 & 74-137 at any of the Microsoft partner certification centre, you can also register online to take the exams at any of the accredited centers. Examinations take place once every year.


There are lots of centers virtually all over the world that help you in preparing for certifications like 70-632 & 74-137. There is also plenty of material online that you can use to prepare for the test, trick is to pick the material for preparation which suits you best.

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