Friday, April 19, 2013

Friendly Photo to Sketch Software - An User

You like to take pictures, and sometimes, even if the composition is right and the landscape is beautiful, you wouldn't call it very artistic; something lacks and you don't know exactly what. With a little help from a photo editing software, you could transform your photo into art with Akvis Sketch. It can transform without a lot of effort or technical skill from your side to a charcoal sketch or watercolor painting. Is your imagination captured by this short introduction? Then, continue reading.

Of course, you could achieve the same effect using Photoshop, but you would need for that a lot of knowledge and technical skills. Akvis Sketch is a program with an easier to deal user interface and with less options. All its settings are at hand and you'll familiarize with them fast. There are two modes in which you can use the photo to sketch program: the Express mode is for beginners, with most of the options hidden. In order to access them all, you can go to the advanced mode.

When you launch the application, a square of the photo will look like a pencil painting, there are either some default settings or it uses the last photo settings.

Each time you make a change, you can preview it in a square frame. By default, it's located in the center of the image, but you can drag the preview window wherever you want or crop it on any part of the image you need to check. When you're satisfied with the conversion, can can free click on the After tab or on the arrow after the Advanced mode to transform it.